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Problem-Solving in Your Sleep

8 Weeks to deal with:

Money, Weight Loss, Creative Blocks and More



You know you are an intelligent person who can apply yourself. You tackle and solve all kinds of problems. 

You might want more Money.  To Lose Weight.. Perhaps you have Writer's Block, Artist's Block, Career Block, Love Block. Maybe you have success in your field, but you aspire to More. perhaps there is a task you never quite start.


The particular problem remains.

For whatever reason, your best rational efforts do not succeed. You keep thinking that a little luck or a slight change will change the tide but it hasn't happened. Some waking-life problems are like that. They defy your intelligence


It’s time to listen to your dreams. That's because your dreams will show you your life from an entirely different perspective. They are nature's way of thinking outside the box.  Dream work is a new way to meet old challenges—experience a completely fresh way of resolving your problem. This is an innovative approach that guarantees you a new—and therefore successful—way of approaching your problem.


Your problem is guaranteed to be so different at the end of 8 weeks that you will hardly recognize it.

Meet once a week with similarly motivated people to examine your dreams. Cost $400 for the 8 week course. Includes regular telephone check-ins.


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© David Jenkins, 2007
Artwork by Leigh, Gronet