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David Jenkins: Dream Consultant

In my opinion:

Everyone should listen to their dreams because even the best Hollywood movies cannot compare to your most "boring" dreams. You will find that your dreams are more exciting, creative, thoughtful & important than almost anything else in your life. You are never more real than in your dreams. You are never more free to use your imagination than when you share a dream.

Everyone wakes up on some mornings and wonders about the dream, or nightmare, they just had. 

If the dream bothers you, or comes back to you in the daytime and you want to know its meaning, you should be aware of some ways of analyzing or interpreting your dreams. Analysis, interpretation and looking at the symbols in your dreams give you a good sense of your dreams. You can usually feel better about the bad ones, and feel terrific about the insight you gain from the good ones (there are no "bad" dreams -- they can all be used to help you).

Everyone dreams! 
    That's a remarkable fact. 
        There are no exceptions. 
            It's a rule of life...

Each night we are taken on an experience. We have almost no say in where or with whom. We don't even have all our wits about us. It is sometimes fun but quite often the experience is very intense or disturbing. Whether we remember our dreams or not, we are always dreaming. And most of us are considering the meaning of the dream.

But how many people talk about their dreams, whether good ones or bad ones? Most people brush them aside as they get out of bed and leave them behind. They miss out on it all.  You don't have to interpret or analyze every dream and -- especially at the beginning-- you may not feel satisfied with your own interpretations. 

You can work with your dreams and you can play with your dreams. You can create your own dream dictionary -- the dream symbols that are most meaningful to you.. It makes a big difference to what you know about who you are. I strongly believe that even the simple act of telling someone else your dream can have a great effect on your life.

There are ways of looking at your dreams that are easy to learn, respectful and illuminating. They tend to make nightmares and unpleasant dreams go away and they allow you to look at the mystery and wonder that is always present in a dream.

David Jenkins


David Jenkins 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Artwork by Leigh, Gronet