Why Dieting is Difficult

In some ways dieting is harder to control than any other habit.

Most addictions can simply be stopped: A heroin addict can stop taking heroin and get on with the rest of their life.  An alcoholic can stop going to bars. It's a huge task but once it's done it's behind you. You can avoid the friends who offer you the bad stuff. No one offers you a cigarette several times a day.

You cannot stop eating food.

You have been doing it all your life.

Eating is one of our most important social habits. You cannot stop seeing people.

Eating is often how we say "I love you" to someone -- we give them tasty food.

Therefore you have a far more complicated task: You have to learn to change the habits in your mind to function under the constant social pressure of friends, restaurant menus and advertising. You have to love yourself without expressing that as food.

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