Keeping It Off:
Diet, Dreams and Dialogue

The pressure to succeed with a diet creates as much failure as it does success. We need a different approach to food, dieting and weightloss.

Dieting is difficult because it is irrational: No one asks "What makes me overweight?"

You need to access the irrational in order to know what's really going on.

There are good physiological reasons for this: your brain is split (read more)

We offer a radically different approach to dieting that focuses on how to change the balance of power between the part of you that wants to eat one way (for health) and the part of you that want to eat differently (for pleasure).

We don't prescribe what foods to eat. You apply these methods without changing whatever else is working for you. It fits in with every other approach. It doesn't matter what kind of diet works best for you: Dash, TLC, Weightwatchers. Jenny Craig, Atkins, Paleo and so on.

Please browse the web site and contact us if this is the kind of course you would like to take (currently offered in Berkeley, CA).

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