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If you continually try to eat well and fail, that shows that the problem is beyond a rational explanation.

The reason you continually fail is because “You” are not really in charge. You are of two minds. That makes sense because your stomach is controlled by two minds (Your stomach has a mind of its own)

The group will focus on creating “irrational” learning experiences to show us how to deal with the irrational forces at work with us when our eating habits are out of balance.

In essence, we create a dialogue at many levels between the part of us that wants to eat well and the part of us that has a very different agenda.

We look for the truth in the view that Your stomach Is Lying To You.


Answer 1: Gradually. Your “will” to eat well is weak and has to be strengthened. It is not yet capable of taking on cookies, ice cream and the dozens of foods that ruin your waistline.

We take easier situations and bring them under control:

For example

·        If you usually talk incessantly about food, we train you to stop

·        If you hide your goals in a closet, we get them out

Answer 2: With an inner dialogue

We expand your mental territory so that the task becomes one of enjoyment rather than control


Your dreams are where you live your irrational life. Nothing is better equipped to help you than your dreams.



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