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David Jenkins: Dream Worker


bulletDavid Jenkins is not a therapist or a psychotherapist
bulletDavid Jenkins is not a licensed clinical psychologist.
bulletDavid Jenkins' dream work is not licensed by the State of California

If you have reason to believe you need psychotherapy, or you believe you require help with psychological problems, you should see a psychotherapist. You are responsible for making this determination. David Jenkins is not qualified to provide that kind of assessment.

David Jenkins is not a psychoanalyst.

David Jenkins is...

David Jenkins is a "dream worker" and a "dream analyst."

David Jenkins has a Ph.D. in Psychology and an M.A. in Developmental Psychology.

His goal is to help you have a great dream life. Dreaming is a completely normal activity, everyone dreams every night.

He thinks about the dream as a story and tries to improve that story. For instance, he might ask: "If they were making a movie of this dream, how might they want to rewrite it?". You choose a director, writer and actors and see what happens as you re-work with this in your imagination. He believes that has an effect on the future dreams.

He doesn't interpret the dream. He doesn't know what your dream "means." This sometimes frustrates people because that's what they want to hear.

He listens to dreams as though they were real experiences and attempts to deal with them as such. He is interested in what you would have done in that dream if you had all the faculties you possess as an awake person at the time. He is convinced that this helps you have a better dream life.


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