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bulletWe begin an email conversation about your dream. I ask questions and we look for answers. You get as many emails as we need to reach a conclusion about the dream.  If you want, you can also get suggestions of books to read to pursue the theme further.  more details below 
bulletCost includes looking at the next dream since often that gives us clues about the work on the current dream.
bulletPayment, $20, is through PayPal.
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About the dream analysis

You are welcome to bring up a recent or an old dream. Sometimes it's a nightmare that you want to stop but also, for first timers, there can be a childhood dream or a remarkably vivid dream that has never left you or a recurring dream that intrigues you because it comes around every so often and you can't work out why.

We work to find out what the dream means for you. Generally I ask you questions and then consider your answers and ask more questions until we both feel we have got somewhere with the dream. My questions are not your average type of questions, this is an exercise of your imagination and you will quite probably be astonished at what your own mind can come up with. People find this very exciting work no matter what kind of dream they choose to look at.

If you wish to learn something about the techniques we are using, that can be included -- towards the end I will tell you what techniques we have used and when you might use them.

No-limit Guarantee

I love dreams and believe your dreams can guide your life better than your reasoning power alone. 

I believe you can turn your night time fears into day time possibilities.

I believe you are the most fascinating person in the world when you get real with your dreams.

I believe you will have a terrific time talking to me about your dreams.

BUT, if for any reason,  you don't feel you got your money's worth, you can ask for your money back and I will return it immediately. No time limit at all.

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If you're not already a member, it's easy and free to join. Paypal pays you $5.Click here to sign up with Paypal and pay  now

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You may pay by check. You must mail me the check before the consultation begins.

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