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There's an 80-20 rule with dream work: Eighty percent of what you need to know is common to most dream work but there's that extra 20% and each person provides something special or different that is worth listening to. In other words, any good dream worker can do well with your dream and you'll learn the basics from any of them. ON THE OTHER HAND, if you listen to a lot of different people, you'll absorb new ideas and variations on other ideas that will help you even more. NEVER LEARN FROM JUST ONE PERSON. 

These are other popular sites that I think are worth commenting on. Almost all of them have something very good to say and they have different orientations towards dream work. If I describe them in red, it's a warning sign -- beware.

Web site Comments
Aisling Dream
Offers a dream interpretation service for $20 (audio or typed response).
Free newsletter.
Workshops in Dublin, Ireland.
Has a "psychic" orientation.
Very definite in his interpretations (not my style).
Dream Emporium Website of Cyndi Russell. Sensitive and insightful.
I liked her description of nightmares as an "early warning system" and, listen to this: nightmares  "point out to you areas in your life that need to be healed, or worked upon."  Great stuff.
Her advice on dream dictionaries: check out the definition in an English dictionary.
The Dream
Interpretation Center
Layne Dalfen's site.
She's the author of the well-written "Dreams Do Come True: Using Your Dreams To Discover Your Full Potential"
Focuses on the layers of the dream.
Offers interpretations e.g. $40 per 30 mins.
LifeTreks Dr. Gillian Holloway Ph.D.
Author of "Dreaming Insights: A 5-Step Plan for Discovering the Meaning in Your Dream," It would be nice if the web site gave you some idea of what the 5 steps were.
When she gives an interpretation (on her web site) she also poses a series of "Useful questions" e.g for teeth falling out she asks whether you feel forced to make the best of a bad bargain right now? 
Ask The Dream Doctor Charles McPhee's web site.
Wrote "Ask the Dream Doctor". Has a radio program.
I think he's terrific. I heard him speak at a conference and was astonished at how he could get a great interpretation out in a minute or two.
This is a good website for sleep and sleep disorder information.
He has a special section for teens.
Dream Central Elizabeth and Michael Thiessen.
This is a sister site to
The page on dream analysis contains a lot of useful information..
Dream Analysis and Interpretation Dream pages authored by Mario Buscemi.
Has a method where you break your dream down and write about different parts on different pieces of paper. A good idea if you've got no one to share your dreams with.
Uses a dream-series approach (my own preference)
Swoon Excessive claim: "Don't worry if you weren't born with psychic powers. With our step-by-step guide to dream interpretation you'll soon be a master dreamweaver".
John Suler Emphasizes that dreams have many layers of meaning.
I liked his advice on remembering dreams: "Try NOT to think of a dream as something to be hunted, captured, or controlled."
DreamThread Ariadne Green, M.S.
Much more solid than it appears to be at first sight. Kid's dream dictionary is novel with definitions for Barbie, Nike and the like generally expressing a nice liberal anti-commercial attitude.
Yahoo! Astrology Dream dictionary. You choose a letter and then a dictionary item beginning with that letter. Cumbersome.
Dream Stop Has a $9.95/year service to keep your own dream journal (Regularly $14.95).
Has an instant (dubious) dream analyzer?
Sells T shirts and mugs with their name on it (from $10.99).
Dream Analysis.Info This website focuses on Jung, Astrology and studies "the art and science of dream analysis."
Dream Study Remarkably insensitive interpretations. Avoid it.
Dream Weavers Web  Sells a video course on dreams for $49.95 "hosted by Jungian analyst Elizabeth Strahan." The site is almost exclusively devoted to the video course.
Dream Lovers Inc Ms. Silvana Amar, MA, PD.
She offers a free service in which she gives brief impressions but cannot guarantee to get back to everyone.
Telephone interviews are $80/hr.


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