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A must-see show

I previewed one of the episodes of Dream Decoders and thought it was a must-see event for dream aficionados.
Watch Marcia Emery, Alan Siegel and Veronica Tonay, three truly skilled dream "decoders" work their magic on volunteers in front of your very eyes.
It's a great show,
DREAM DECODERS comes to TV in August:


I'm excited to share the following TV Bulletin with you. Each night, whether memorable or not, the average person has four to five dreams.  But what do these dreams mean? And what do they tell us about ourselves?  Discovery Health Channel unlocks the deepest secrets of the subconscious with the premiere of DREAM DECODERS.  In this enlightening three-part series, three of the world's top dream analysts who are our ''Dream Decoders'' Dr. Marcia Emery, Dr. Alan Siegel and Dr. Veronica Tonay help participants and viewers understand the messages of their dreams to foster greater emotional and psychological health.

DREAM DECODERS premieres with a sneak peek On Wednesday, August 17, at 10 PM (ET/PT).  The three-part series will air in its entirety Tuesdays at 8 PM (ET/PT), beginning November 1.

is filmed in front of a live-studio audience on a special ''dream tank'' set.  Each episode evaluates the dreams of three or four people from different walks of life.  With the help of host Steve Truitt, they share their most private, often recurring, dream or nightmare through verbal explanations and brief video re-creations.  The Dream Decoders interview the dreamers about their personal experiences and current life challenges to uncover hidden clues in the depths of their psyches.  The Decoders analyze these clues and offer their individual analysis to crack the dream code, giving the dreamers startling insight into their waking lives.

DREAM DECODERS promises to be one of the most controversial, entertaining, and enlightening hours of television that our waking minds could experience leaving us with something stimulating to think, and dream about. If you have questions or comments about the show, please email Discovery Health Channel's viewer relations department at viewer


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