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 If you think of your yoga practice as a means of self-development then your dreams are probably talking to you about your body and your body is "talking" to you in your dreams. 

In my own life, I have always been involved in some kind of physical self-development practice, yoga and tai chi especially. I had not tried to integrate these practices but allowed each one to enhance me in its own way. 

During 2005, I had a remarkable set of dreams that clearly were talking about my body. They opened up an entirely new dimension of dream work, quite different from Tibetan Dream-Yoga or Arnold Mindell's the "dreambody."

In my dream-yoga work, we examine the dream for what it is telling us about the body. In fact, dreams are filled with references to the body although it takes a little orientation to see what the dreams might be suggesting. We pay special attention to the state of our body as we go to sleep and as we wake up. By the end of a series of classes, you will be able to listen to your dreams as a running commentary on your physical practice and to make adjustments accordingly. By applying both the dream work and the body work to a problem, dramatic breakthroughs are possible. 

I invite you to review the Yoga and Dream segment of as well the general Dream Analysis information. You can learn more about dream work by attending a drop-in class. If you are specifically interested in the Yoga and Dream classes, send me an e-mail and I will let you know when the next class is scheduled.

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David Jenkins 2005
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